The Sybran Team

Jeff PowellJeff Powell

President & Founder

Jeff is the Founder of Sybran and serves as the President of the company. Everyone who knows Jeff knows he is very kinesthetic and relational. Making sure everyone he interacts with is happy is very important to him; whether it’s his family, friends, every person on the Sybran team and every single customer. He is always striving to be better personally, spiritually and professionally, whether that’s through others who have wisdom, books, training seminars, church or any method so he feels that he is constantly moving forward.

Jeff’s core role at Sybran is to tailor solutions to meet customer’s needs, build relationships with our Providers, and to support our Agent network. The Sybran tag line “We Have Connections” means a lot. It’s because of these connections with so many providers that Sybran customers are able to stay on track with the products and solutions that make the most sense for their specific needs, and that means a lot to every member of our team at Sybran.

Prior to founding Sybran, Jeff had 10 years of entrepreneurial experience at a young age working for his father who owned his own business for 20 years. Jeff started in the telecom industry at the young age of 19 working in sales at Sprint. He has spent more than 30 years in the telecom industry. Jeff and his wonderful wife Jenn call Overland Park, Kansas home. He has four sons: Kendon who has blessed him with three beautiful granddaughters, Casey, who is in the United States Navy and two sons still at home; Keegan and Crosby who definitely keep him on his toes!


terri staffordTerri Stafford

Partner & Vice President

Terri serves as Partner and Vice President of Sybran. She focuses her time and efforts on the business and finance operations to support the many Partners of Sybran. Terri loves helping others and is a very dedicated person to her business and personal life. Some may say she is too nice, but Terri always strives to be the better person no matter the situation. Terri enjoys working with the Sybran team, our Partners, and our Providers. She loves seeing everything come to together with the dedicated, professional Sybran team.

Prior to partnering with Jeff at Sybran, Terri served 20 years working in telecom finance. She began her career with Sprint which eventually merged with their local division with Embarq/CenturyLink, where she supervised a team supporting their agent commission payments.

Terri grew up in Bonner Springs, Kansas. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Ottawa University. She and her husband Andy have been married for 8 years and have six grown children and four grandsons. They recently purchased a house at the Lake of the Ozarks where they enjoy spending time with their family through the summer months. She and Andy call Kansas home.


Ginger KelliherGinger Kelliher

Senior Project Manager & Pricing Analyst

Ginger serves as the Senior Project Manager and Pricing Analyst for Sybran. She is a dedicated, loyal, detail-oriented person with a passion for root cause analysis that leads directly to resolving and fixing issues. Ginger enjoys working with the Sybran team; as we all share a strategic vision for the company and strive to endlessly achieve the highest level of customer service for each customer.

Prior to Sybran, Ginger was with the corporate level of Sprint for 18 years. As a Product Manager, her sole responsibility was to ensure products were highly valued, easy to use and understand, and consistently available. Project enhancements were part of a 30-day cycle and large projects could take 6-18 months for implementation. Because of her experience, she is able to handle large or small customer installations with conflicting timelines with ease and never miss the details.

Ginger grew up in Speedway, Indiana. She has a BS in Management from Baker University and is Lean 6 Sigma Certified. Ginger and her husband of 38 years have two sons and one granddaughter. Today, they call Oklahoma home to be closer to their granddaughter. She and her husband are very active in their church and community focusing on love; as love always trumps hate.


Harold EastmanHarold Eastman

Senior Solutions Engineer

Harold serves as Sybran’s Senior Solutions Engineer. He spends his days finding and implementing solutions for VoIP systems, cellphone signal boosters, structured cabling solutions, and video surveillance systems. Harold has a BA in Christian Education from MidAmerica Nazarene University. He is a follower of Christ and calls Kansas home.